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Christopher DeLuca, PhD

Associate Professor

Faculty of Education, Queen's University



Tel: 613.533.6000 ext. 77675


Duncan McArthur Hall

511 Union Street, RM A218

Kingston, ON, Canada

K7M 5R7

Dr. DeLuca (Ph.D., Queen’s University) is an Associate Professor and Graduate Faculty member in Classroom Assessment and Curriculum Studies at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University. He holds a Masters and Bachelor degree in Education (M.Ed., 2005; B.Ed., 2004, Queen’s) and an undergraduate degree in Science (B.Sc., 2003, University of Toronto). Previously, Dr. DeLuca was an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida (Tampa, USA) and has worked in the area of policy research in London, England.


Dr. DeLuca’s research examines the complex intersection of curriculum and pedagogy as operating within frameworks of educational assessment and educational inclusivity. His work largely focuses on supporting teachers in negotiating these two critical areas of their practice. Specifically, Dr. DeLuca’s research centres on the following core area of study:

  • Assessment and Teacher Education: This research agenda examines how pre-service and in-service teachers learn to engage the complexities of educational assessment in relation to the evolving assessment culture in today’s classrooms. For more information, see the research spotlight.


Dr. DeLuca’s work has been published in national and international journals. Further, Dr. DeLuca’s research has been recognized through several awards including the R.W.B. Jackson Award, Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies’ (CACS) Outstanding Dissertation Award, the Canadian Association for Teacher Education’s (CATE) Dissertation Excellence Award, and the Bateson New Scholar Award (Canadian Education Researchers’ Association, CERA). Dr. DeLuca is currently the President for CERA and co-Editor of the Journal for the Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies (JCACS). Locally, Dr. DeLuca is a member of the Queen’s Assessment and Evaluation Group and teaches in both undergraduate and graduate streams at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University.

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