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ACAI: Approaches to Classroom Assessment Inventory

This research develops a diagnostic tool for assessing teachers’ approaches to classroom assessment based on contemporary professional standards. 

Rethink Teacher Learning in Assessment

This set of studies explores curriculum and pedagogies for enhancing pre-service teacher education in the area of classroom assessment.

Rethink Classroom Assessment Practices

This study examines systemic efforts to support practicing teachers’ learning about assessment for learning (AfL). Diverse professional learning structures are explored in relation to teachers’ use of AfL in the classroom

Rethink Kindergarten Assessment

This research supports kindergarten teachers by developing a framework for assessing academic learning within play-based pedagogical environments.

Rethink Grading

What's in grade? The purpose of this research is to examine current grading policies and practices across Canada and China in order to better understand the validity of grading decisions.

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