ACAI: Approaches to Classroom Assessment Inventory

A Tool for Professional Learning and Assessment Research 

What is this study about?

This SSHRC-funded research develops a  tool – the Approaches to Classroom Assessment Inventory – to assess teachers’ approaches to classroom assessment based on contemporary professional standards. Through a series of studies across contexts, this research has contributed to expanding notions of assessment literacy with implications for teacher practice. 

Why is this study important?

By identifying gaps in teachers’ assessment competency, professional learning structures can be constructed that promote positive classroom cultures that use assessment pedagogically to enhance student learning.  Accordingly, the results of this study will enable targeted teacher professional development aimed at leveraging classroom assessments as structures for promoting positive learning experiences and enhanced student achievement across Canadian schools

What's your approach to classroom assessment?​

Selected Journal Publications

DeLuca, C., Coombs, A., & LaPointe-McEwan, D. (2019). Assessment mindset: Exploring the relationship between teacher mindset and approaches to classroom assessment. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 61, 159-169.

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DeLuca, C., LaPointe-McEwan, D., & Luhanga, U. (2016). Approaches to classroom assessment inventory: A new instrument to support teacher assessment literacy. Educational Assessment, 21(4), 248-266.

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