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David Baidoo-Anu (International Fellowship)

David Baidoo-Anu is currently a PhD in Education student at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario Canada. His PhD in Education is funded through international fellowship by Queen’s University, Canada. Born in Ghana, David has completed his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Philosophy in Educational Measurement and Evaluation at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. As a part-time lecturer in the Presbyterian University College, Ghana, his enormous interest in research, particularly classroom assessment coupled with his experience has directed him to the Queen’s Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG). David’s research focuses on Ghanaian teachers’ conceptions and practice of formative assessment, exploring southern Ghana Junior High School teachers’ practice of formative assessment. An exploratory mixed-methods design consisting of two phases will be used in his study. The study seeks to find out Junior High School teachers’ conceptions about formative assessment, how Junior High School teachers’ practice the formative Assessment and also identify challenges Junior High School Teachers face with implementing formative assessment in their schools and to find how formative assessment can be improved among the Junior High School teachers. 

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Sumaiya Khanam Chowdhury

Sumaiya Khanam Chowdhury is a PhD student of the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University. Her PhD focuses on how secondary school teachers can support students’ well-being while using classroom assessment. She is doing a comparative case study analysis in Canada and Bangladesh. She examined the “Side effect of Assessment,” a concept of Dr. Derek Rowntree, and found that teachers un/consciously are responsible for some side effects. Currently, she is looking at the SWBM (Student Well-being Model) and PERMA model to construct her work. As Background, she worked as an Assistant Professor at Jagannath University and as an Education Consultant for the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) of Bangladesh. She has work experience in Inclusive Education, Inter-generation Education Programs and Education Leadership. Sumaiya completed her Bachelor of Education, Master of Education in Educational Evaluation and Research, Graduate Diploma in Development Students, and Master of Population Science from the University of Dhaka. She also Studied Master of Arts in Education Leadership at the University of Manchester.

Michael Holden-1.jpg

Michael Holden (Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship)

My research examines how educators in exemplary contexts provoke and assess emergent learning. Specifically, my doctoral research investigates how educators align their assessment practices with teaching and learning for global competencies, including critical thinking, innovation, self-awareness, collaboration, communication, and global citizenship. Fundamentally reframing K-12 curriculum toward these global competencies shifts teaching from the transmission of static disciplinary facts to iterative cycles of emergent learning, where students co-create knowledge and create unexpected solutions to ‘real world’ problems. I am particularly interested in how teachers successfully navigate the challenges of current assessment practices and policies when using approaches to assessment for emergent learning in their classrooms.

Nathan CART Bio.jpg

Nathan Rickey (Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship)

Nathan’s research focuses on how educators can leverage classroom assessment to enhance students’ learning. Drawing on self-regulated learning theories and learning analytics, he examines the cognitive and affective mechanisms of students engaged in self-assessment to support teachers in fostering lifelong learners. His hope to one day model internal self-assessment processes is informed by his work as a high school English teacher wherein he observed self-assessment's central role in empowering agentic learners.

Christine Romain-Tappin (SSHRC Graduate Fellowship)

Through my past experiences as a Register Early Childhood Educator (ECE), an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT), and an ECE college Faculty member I’ve developed a diverse view of the role of assessment within early years’ environments. As a result, I am now intrigued in discovering the unique view that other educators hold surrounding the intersecting constructs of assessment in play. My research interests include: the assessment practices of educators using a play-based curriculum approach, how educators’ curriculum stance affect assessment and play in the early years, and the collaboration of ECEs and OCTs as educator teams within Kindergarten classrooms.

Former Graduate Students

Adelina Valiquette (PhD, 2021)

   Ontario elementary school teachers' approaches to mathematics assessment for diverse students

Amir Rasooli (PhD, 2021)

    Fairness in classroom assessment: Conceptual and empirical investigations

Andrew Coombs (PhD, 2021)

   How early career experiences shape teachers' approaches to classroom assessment

Heather Braund (PhD, 2020)

   Exploring the relationship between teachers' formative classroom assessment practices and students' self-regulation in Kindergarten classrooms

Suparna Roy, (PhD, 2020)

   A pedagogy of selflessness: a multiple case study exploring the cultivation and expression of student selflessness in an Ontario grade 6 classroom

Agnieszka Chalas (PhD, 2019)

    Paintina a portrait of organizational evaluation capacity in the Canadian art museum sector

Murdoch Matheson (PhD, 2019)

     An examination of personal financial literacy teaching and learning in Ontario high schools

John Duclos (M.Ed., 2018)

     Yukon principals' perceptions of their role and practices in stakeholder engagement for school growth

Andrew Coombs (SSHRC CGS Fellowship) (M.Ed., 2017)

     Teacher educators' approaches to assessment

Lalai Abbas (M.Ed., 2016)

     Mnemosyne: Narrating a Pakhtun Student's Foreign Curricular Experience

Bing Bai (M.Ed., 2015)

     Perception evolution: A study of six Chinese international male students' perceptions toward homosexuality

Jessika Diakun (M.Ed., 2016)

     Supporting high performance athletic students balance sport and education: An examination of the teacher’s role

Meaghan Low (M.Ed., 2015)

     Cool by my standards: The essence of the expansion of the standard of humanness through the reinterpretation of normativity 

Cheng Zhou (M.Ed., 2015)

     Examining the alignment of grading policies in the Chinese education system

Paul Vernon (SSHRC CGS Fellowship) (M.Ed., 2014)

     State of the arts: Factors influencing Ontario elementary teachers' performing arts instruction

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